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She says so to Ik-jun as well, that now is the time for her to give up on her hope of pursuing Jeong-won and that she should sort out her feelings for him once and for all. Jang Gyeo-ul can't get one kind word out of Ahn Jeong-won, who seems especially cold to her. Their encounters make us see the other side of Jeong Won. It would have been a suitable explanation had Gyeo-ul been talking to a professor, but it was no good to the child’s mother. He immediately looks away, blush creeping on his cheeks, embarrassed to be caught. He tells Jun Wan before he … Apr 16, 2020. I just remembered I have to check on a patient." They were back at his apartment, and Gyeo-ul was stuffing her mouth with a spoonful of chocolate ice cream as she held the ice cream … Gyeo-ul was using too much medical jargon. Hospital Playlist: Jeong-won and Gyeo-wool kiss. The latter had been open about her romantic curiosity in him from the starting, particularly amongst different residents and Jeong-won’s buddy Lee Ik … Dr.Jang Gyeo Ul sampai menangis ketika mengakui perasaannya pada Ahn Jeong Won Jawaban sedih Gyeo Ul ketika Dr. Chu Mi Ha bertanya "Apa kau kamu menyukai Dr. Ahn? (Source: Netflix) Hospital Playlist Episode 6. Jeong-won sighed as protectiveness rose in him towards Gyeo-ul and he brought his arms around her, engulfing her in his embrace. She's beautiful. Whilst we don’t know whether Ik-jun and Song-hwa actually get together, the same can’t be said for Jeong-won and Gyeo-wool. Jeong-won watched as Gyeo-ul expertly described to the patient’s mother the choledochojejunostomy they were going to perform on her son. That's it for this chapter. Berkaca-kaca dong Scene itu mengingatkan aku pada film lama “Ada Apa dengan CInta”, saat Cinta dengan penuh emosional mengakui perasaannya pada Rangga dihadapan teman-temannya, penyataan “ya” yang… Her hair is loose, her face bare. He’s been focusing on that dream until Jang Gyeo-Ul, someone who clashes Jeong Won's warm personality with her cold personality, enters his life, redirecting his thoughts. Jeong Won worriedly glances back at Gyeo Ul and sees her looking at them, puzzled. … Jeong Won glances at Gyeo Ul who looks away shyly. In tvN’s “Hospital Playlist,” Shin Hyun Bin played resident Jang Gyeo Ul who had a one-sided crush on Yoo Yeon Seok‘s character Ahn Jeong Won. Egg drop May 28 2020 2:02 pm I need moreeeeeeee of ikjun and song hwa, jun wan and iksun, jeong won and gyeo ul, seok hyeong and mina momentsssss and 2021 is too longggggggggg. … I have to go. It has been so long since i laugh my lungs out and this drama made me laugh. But deep inside he agrees with Uju. A difficult professor joins the cardiothoracic department. But sadly, she will never be his. For Gyeo-wool, who had been harboring a secret crush for Jeong-won for the longest time, this seems to be the time to draw a line. ‘Hospital Playlist’ Episode 10 sees a giant improvement in Jeong-won (Yoo Yeon-seok) and Gyeo-wool’s (Shin Hyun-bin) love story. She's wearing the same thing she wears to work— a white shirt and jeans. 9.2/10 from 23 users. "Sorry.

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