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stores near you. There are also 7.5g of protein per serving. Soaking is also recommended for Sona Masoori Rice after which it cooks in 10 minutes. A one-cup cooked serving has 160 calories and no fiber. Taste: Characteristic Health Benefits of Sona Masoori Rice: Helps digestion : Above all, Fibre content in this rice helps to maintain digestive health and prevents constipation Energy booster : They provide instant energy to body and promote proper functioning of various vital organs like heart, brain, liver and kidneys. Odor: No off odour, Length: ≥ 5mm Free 2-Day Shipping $25+Laxmi Sona Masoori Rice - Laxmi Sona Masoori Rice is a medium-grain rice grown largely in the Indian states of Telangana, Andhra Pradesh Sona Masoori Rice is very popular for preparation of rice porridge in many Indian festivals. Scientific Name – Oryza sativa . It is a medium-grain, aromatic rice that is lightweight and low in starch so easy to digest. Sona masoori rice does not contain any fiber. Nutritional Information. Stones: Nil Fluff with fork and serve. It is easily digestible and good for weight loss. Contains natural ingredients and is … Sona masoori is a type of Indian white rice, mostly grown in the areas of Andra Pradesh and Karnataka in India, according to the Spices of India website. If you are cutting down on calories and carbohydrates, then Sona Masoori rice is the best option for you. Combine with 2½ cups of water and let mixture rest for 15 minutes. Cover and microwave on defrost for an additional 10 minutes. Grains & Rice. Organic Sona Masoori Rice is a medium grain, fatter kernel rice. Indian Snacks & Groceries: Laxmi Sona Masoori Rice: Buy Organic Rice Online @ Best Price. Color: White Organic . White Sona masoori steam rice 5. It is lightweight and aromatic. Organic Tattva’s Organic Brown Sonamasuri Rice (5kg) is a great source of protein, calcium and iron. Shelf Life: 24 Months in a sealed pack temperature controlled environment. By Brand . Cook the rice on medium flame for 15 minutes or until all the water has been fully absorbed. The calorie count per serving of Organic Sonamasuri Rice Hand Pounded (5kg) is 319.76. Calorie breakdown: 0% fat, 92% carbs, 8% protein. Sona Masuri (also, Sona Masoori, Samba Masuri, BPT 5204, HMT, or Jeela karra masuri) is a medium-grain rice grown largely in the South and North east India. It has special feature of salt free and organic. 1. Chalky: ≤7% 100% pure and USDA certified Organic Sona Masoori Rice. 1 cup Royal ® Sona Masoori Rice 2½ cups water 1 tbsp of oil/butter (optional) ¼ tsp salt (optional) Stove Top: Take 1 cup of Royal ® Sona Masoori Rice and gently rinse twice. The rice grains are cultivated from the organic lands and field. Electric Rice Cooker: Take 1 cup of Royal® Organic Sona Masoori Rice and rinse twice to remove starch. Moisture: ≤ 13%, GMO/ Radiation/ Allergen: No Place rice and water in an electric rice cooker. 1 cup Royal® Organic Sona Masoori Rice BENEFITS OF SONA MASOORI RICE. 1. Combine with 2½ cups of water and let mixture rest for 15 minutes. White and creamy sona masoori raw rice 3. Stove Top: Take 1 cup of Royal® Organic Sona Masoori Rice and gently rinse twice. Marketing/trade Name: Indian Organic Sona Masoori White Rice. Fitness Goals : Heart Healthy. Known as the “Rice Bowl of India” the state of Andrah Pradesh produces one of South India’s most-prized rice: Royal Organic Sona Masoori. Use less water if it is too soft. 1 tbsp of oil/butter (optional) Apart from these, a bowl of Organic Sonamasuri Rice Hand Pounded (5kg) contains dietary fibres and all the nutrients that are necessary for your body. I would love to see more studies published focusing on the traditional Kerala rice varieties. It is a bit starchier than basmati rice, but still a flavorful fluffy choice. Foreign matter: < 0.01% ¼ tsp salt (optional). Royal Sona Masoori Rice 100% Organic. All rice has some level of arsenic on it. It is a medium-grain, aromatic rice … Sorry, the item you are looking for is not available for purchase. Rich source of manganese, minerals like selenium and magnesium. If rice is too hard in the first cooking, use more water. Combine with 2½ cups of water and let mixture rest for 15 minutes. Laxmi Organic Sona Masoori Rice, All Natural, Organic Ingredients, No Cholesterol, USDA Organic, Vegetarian, 10lb (White Rice) Carbohydrates are an essential nutrient, and provides most of your caloric intake. Find Royal products in 24 Mantra Organic Sona Masuri Rice is a high-quality whole rice with a rich flavour and aroma perfect for preparing your delicious biryani and pulao. 35.0 grams carbs. Sona Masoori Rice is most often used in many dishes such as sweet Pongal, biryani, idlis and fried rice. Kett: 40 ± 2 We can supply Certified and Authentic Organic Sona Masoori White Rice as per: Organic standards of best quality & at competitive prices. Zafarani Basmati Rice is an aged rice known for it's consistent Quality at Economical price. 1/4 cup. Nutritional Parameters: Basmati: Sona Masuri: Calories: 349.79: 368.26: Total Fat: 0.55g: 2.55g: Sodium: 2.24mg: 8mg: Total Carbohydrate: 78.24g: 78.69g: Protein: 7.62g: 8.02g: Iron: …

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