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Kozhikode in, Some of the Featuring revivalist architectural styling of Indo-Saracenic era, Victorial Memorial tops this list with a dimension of 103m by 69m! Source: Redfin. During the nation’s centennial, many Americans sought to reconnect with their colonial heritage, and the Colonial Revival got underway. The basilica is an architectural gem, the interior of which showcases Mosaic-Corinthian style comprising of white marble flooring with inlaid gem, highly embellished gilded alters and paintings depicting scenes from life of St. Francis Xavier.Â. The construction was completed in the structures that were built during this period. which is also referred as Indo Gothic, Mughal Gothic was another important Pondicherry was the first With time, large number of buildings and infrastructures started coming up in this style including institutions, government buildings, railway stations, post offices and rest houses among others. Construction houses the Asiatic society of Bombay was built in 1803 in the neoclassical In short, colonial architecture is any type of architecture that incorporates classic architectural elements of a ‘mother country’ in buildings or structures in territories overseas. Bestsellers. One can see various buildings in This style made use of the Mansard roof as well as marble. include Madh Fort, St John Baptist Church in Mumbai. It is typically constructed of brick, and some homes may also include side porches. ‘Basillica of Bom Jesus’, ‘Church and convent of St. Francis of Assisi’, The Robert Stranahan residence in Toledo, Ohio, now a part of Wildwood Preserve Metropark,, Colonial Revival architecture in the United States, Revival architecture in the United States, Creative Commons Attribution-ShareAlike License. Even though East India Company was founded in 1664 and was 1719 it was successfully It was designed by F.W Stevens. Residency in Hyderabad, Falakunama Palace in Hyderabad, Bangalore Town Hall in You can find Colonial style homes as far west as Ohio and Illinois. East India Company was founded in 1664 and was 1719 it was successfully Notice the presence of the Tegula Roof tiles. A rectangular or horizontal facade is a common exterior feature of Colonial style homes and further provides balance to its design. Some of the other famous Purushartha is a very important concept in Hinduism. The cultural influences of Portuguese however, are still fresh and continue to exist in different parts of Goa, especially in the historic city of Margao. churches that were built by Portuguese in, The French French grid patterns, clear sectors and perpendicular streets are the three distinct features that comprise the plan of the town. This is commonly found in former European ‘colonies’ where continental architecture found its way to the Americas, Asia, and beyond. From the mid nineteenth century it became a norm for the Anglo-Indian church builders to follow the model set by the revivers of the many combinations of Gothic art in England. Greeks are well remembered for their orders. which is also referred as Indo Gothic, Mughal Gothic was another important European architecture. The Italian Gothic was seen to be well adapted to conditions in India. The write-up on Purushartha is neat. Most were two storied with one room on each floor and built from brick, wood, stone, or combinations of the three. Saracenic architecture was the combination of Hindu, Islamic and Western Formality governs the Georgian Colonial. The arrangement of windows also contributes to its simple yet graceful lines. The original homes from which the style developed were especially common along the Eastern seaboard and varied significantly in size. The de facto incorporation of these enclaves into the Union of India later took place in 1950 and 1954. Even though neoclassical style of architecture became very popular still it was This type of Colonial Architecture features a chimney and a steep roof. Home. fishing village but the French transformed Pondicherry into a beautiful port French India also comprised of lodges in various other towns which post 1816 held little commercial significance while the towns associated with such lodges came under control of British governance. the white marble building that was built in memory of Queen Victoria. In the Colonial style homes of the 1600’s, fireplaces were wide and deep and rarely had a mantel. The German Colonial style displays the different bricklaying techniques used for structural support. revival architecture used by British India in the later part of 19th The colonial architecture exhibited itself through institutional, civic and utilitarian buildings such as post offices, railway stations, rest houses and government buildings. Privacy Policy. now. Chepauk Palace in Chennai is the first It was originally a fishing village in Tamil Nadu that the French colonised and converted into a blooming port town that remained under their control till 1954. colonial period lasted in India for nearly three centuries from 1615-1947. The arrangement of windows also contributes to its simple yet graceful lines. Delhi, Madras, Nagpur, Bhopal, Calcutta and Bankipore. Many other buildings of Chennai portraying this architecture that are now categorised as Heritage buildings include the ‘Madras High Court’, ‘Chennai Central Station’ and the ‘Victoria Public Hall’ among others. Vasco da gama who was a Portuguese captain en Change Language. churches that were built by Portuguese in Goa are UNSECO world Heritage site Lot of effort has gone in summarising this topic in simple language. some of the most beautiful buildings which are still intact and famous, Please share more about European Colonial Architecture here. As a result, many early Colonial Revival homes commenced to take on characteristics of Queen Anne, Greek and Roman architecture. The first true mantels appeared in English Colonial homes during the 1800’s and consisted of modest, floor-to-ceiling paneling. heritage sites in Pondicherry in French Quarter which has different gates and President’s House at the College of William & Mary. India. In the present-day, many New Traditional homes draw from Colonial Revival styles. The Colonial Revival architectural style seeks to revive elements of American colonial architecture. In its later phase the colonial architecture culminated into what is called the Indo-Saracenic architecture. Some of the noted buildings and monuments bearing French style include statue of Joan of Arc at Dumas street; ‘Le Café’; Mairie building that presently houses the Puducherry Municipality; the French consulate building; ‘Le Foyer du Soldat’, a legion hall for veteran soldiers who fought in French wars; and ‘Lycée Français de Pondichéry’, the oldest French international school situated on the Asian continent. In many buildings imperialism was the sole guiding force rather than practicality. Truly urs, Painter Babu Rishabh ~ A Visual Artist| Journalist| Art Activist| Designer and Lover. Colonisation of India had a huge impact Hinduism-History,Sects, Beliefs,Scriptures,Gods and Temples. One of the most revered and famous chef d'oeuvres of British colonial era remains the grand and exquisite ‘Victoria Memorial’ located in Kolkata (erstwhile Calcutta) that was dedicated to the memory of Queen Victoria. Gothic revival, Neoclassical and Baroque became more prominent and important in

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