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5 Current Artificial Intelligence Applications in Marketing and Advertising Below are seven extremely prevalent example applications that we’ve decided to highlight for this article, accompanied by a brief description of how the AI … AI has many applications for small business marketing these days, and the cost of using the technology has come way down. Amplero Amplero. What it does: Amplero is a self-described AI marketing … The marketing message generated with AI-driven solutions is not only plausible but also data-driven. Location: Seattle, Washington. Creative AI had clearly arrived, and I wanted a front-row seat, so within a week, I dropped what I was doing to help build and test Pencil. Here are five ways you can try out AI insight for your business on … The text can reflect the brand’s voice and be written for a community of audience. These companies all use artificial intelligence to create the best possible advertising campaigns and marketing strategies. These AI applications …

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