hms guerriere

Guerrière was a 38-gun frigate of the French Navy, designed by Forfait. During the afternoon of 19 August 1812, 41°42′N 55°33′W / 41.700°N 55.550°W / 41.700; -55.550Coordinates: 41°42′N 55°33′W / 41.700°N 55.550°W / 41.700; -55.550 about 400 miles (640 km) southeast of Halifax, Nova Scotia, a sail was sighted on the weather beam bearing down on them. When the enemy hoisted American colours, Captain Dacres permitted the Americans in his crew to quit their guns. The Guerrière was commissioned into the Royal Navy, after a repair and refit which brought her to 48 guns. Consequently, both French ships were able to escape. On 19 August 1812 Guerriere, under Captain James Richard Dacres, sighted the American frigate Constitution, under Isaac Hull. The 74-gun HMS Elephant, under Captain George Dundas gave chase, and the two ships exchanged several broadsides. She became separated from the rest of the squadron, but was able to capture and burn several whaling vessels. Sparking excitement about maritime heritage, naval service, and the American experience. The prize crew had sailed Barbara to Charlestown, where she had been refitted. As Guerriere closed to within a mile of Constitution, the British hoisted their colors and released a broadside, but the cannonballs fell short. The two ships closed and after a fierce engagement the American managed to shoot away Guerriere's fore and main-masts, leaving her un-manoeuvrable. The only ship ready and able to pursue the French was HMS Culloden, under the command of Captain Barrington Dacres. The privateer was found to be the former HMS Barbara, which the French privateer General Ernouf had captured on 17 September 1807. Unable to make out what the unknown ships he had sighted were, he gave chase. The court also found that the masts going overboard was due more to their defective nature than the fire of the enemy. He was replaced in 1810 by Captain Samuel John Pechell, and in October that year, Guerriere sailed to Halifax. At this point Captain Dacres called his remaining officers together and they agreed to strike the colours to avoid further loss of life. All through the night, the Americans tended to the wounded and dead, and ferried the British prisoners of war and their possessions across to Constitution. Fifteen men had been killed, including the second lieutenant, Mr Henry Ready; six were mortally wounded, 39 severely and eighteen slightly. Die HMS Guerriere (französisch für Kriegerin) war eine 1799 gebaute französische Fregatte, die 1806 von der Royal Navy erobert wurde. The crew asked Hull for permission to return fire, but he refused so as not to waste the first broadside.

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