infiniti q60 black s for sale

Fast, comfortable, incredible car. Truly no pressure. WAZE integration. I know it is coming for the 2021 models, but undescribable how you can possibly miss that. I highly recommend this dealership and line of cars. Unless you bought this car for a racetrack the steering is great. cockpit is snug, but not cramped and it will get 29-30 mpg at 75 mph all day long. Lon is a true asset to the company in addition to having that dedicated role. Scottsdale Infiniti Service Departments representative Eric has proven a reflection of the aforementioned integrity. The last time Lon came to my house was a prior lease approx 4.5 yrs ago & had the best memory on certain things that I remembered but never expected him to because he goes to so many people's homes. I understand the 3.5mm jack I’m total confused by the RCA one. So, I've got another happy car purchase, and will be calling him again, probably in another 5 years. ©2020 Autotrader, Inc. All Rights Reserved. Top kudos got to Jonathon Conley went above and beyond. The driving experience is very good since there is plenty of power and great handling. Everyone I've worked with consistently demonstrate the customer comes first, are extremely genuine, have over the top follow up, but also appear to love their jobs, are happy when you go there which is so important as that is the basis of where it all begins. Excellent shopping and purchase experience, The three people we interacted with the most were Amir the Sales Manager, HADI the Sales Professional and Courtney the Finance Specialist. See our terms of service for more details. PERFORMANCE: Sits pretty low and has good ride control. I couldn't find a new one with the options I wanted so I purchased a CPO vehicle with low mileage. If you’re going have a huge owners manual make sure it will fit in the glove box. MY choices. 11 listings starting at $23,230, I've been buying pricey Mercedes??? And.. paying slightly more than the "suggested retail price" we were able to include an extended warranty that will take care of any problems for several years to come. My Entire Experience was Awesome!! To cut to the chase, I've never had a better experience at any car dealership than I had at ABC Nissan because the ABC salesman, Kass (Kassem), a young man who was highly knowledgeable, extremely informative, honest, respectful and didn't play any of the usual salesman games. Courtney was very prompt in answering all my questions and even making suggestions on how best to secure this warranty. The 2018 Q60 has beautiful lines with awesome wheels and a sexy head on appearance. You can manage your searches in your profile. I also think it's the best looking 2 door coupe on the market. They all were an amazing team... Congrats to them.. Return it! Used Infiniti Q60 Black Exterior for Sale on Log In. Incredible power and absolutely beautiful! The front seat seatbelt brackets will cause the seatbelt strap to rub against shorter drives necks, to prevent this you need to bend it outward periodically. A no pressure, no haggle approach, with a commitment to providing the highest level of salesmanship. If there is a 6th it will be because of Brian. By using this service, you accept the terms of our, Vroom - Get It Delivered Nationwide, Contact-Free, Certified INFINITI Q60 in San Francisco, CA. Not only was the sale an excellent experience, but the AFTER sale experience has been outstanding. Obviously there is a bottom line. Sign Up, Already have an account? Search from 54 Used INFINITI Q60 cars for sale, including a 2017 INFINITI Q60 2.0t Coupe, a 2017 INFINITI Q60 2.0t Coupe w/ Moonroof Package, and a 2017 INFINITI Q60 … Search over 157 used Infiniti Q60 convertible for sale from $17,000. I do want more though so I'll probably be buying an aston martin or older gallardo as my next car. But I when we have a dealer specific thing to be done to our car, such as the 50,000 or 75,000 check, we go to the dealer. When you play your favorite music the whole car makes you feel like you are at a concert and the handle and feel of this vehicle when you drive is smooth. We gave John our parameters a couple of weeks ago and he came up with several choices that day. As we were going inside the office, the car we specifically wanted to see was already parked at the front door. One of the many reasons I continue to purchase Infinity automobiles besides the quality of their cars is the high level of service. Considered BMW and Audi coupes and went with Infiniti based on previous Infinities we have owned.

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