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Many people come into marketing with the soft skills that they need to do a great job. Soft skills basically mean everything related to personal attributes and traits. This is why the other soft skills – lifelong learning, thought leadership, project management, and communication – are so important. That’s why team players who can advocate on the customer’s behalf and get the right people … Time Management and Planning. Continue Reading Below. In looking for soft skills, companies are focusing on candidates with emotional intelligence. Soft Skills Make You Stronger. Soft skills needed for marketing are more of a skill tree that branches to other skills, and together they … Soft Skills. While hard skills are usually very specific to a person’s role in their company, the top soft skills … As did a handful of other skills — affiliate marketing, sales, and video production — central to sales and marketing. Soft Sales Skills and Traits 14. Learning the techniques and strategies for being a great salesperson is only half of the equation. Even just a few of these soft skills … Whether you’re looking to consult with a Marketing Technologist in your area, or in search of a full-time hire for your marketing … Marketing Soft Skills. Soft skills like people skills, drive, and confidence can't be taught, but they can be developed. Advertisement. ... marketing, customer success and legal.

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