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Our efficient tumbler system is the simple way to get perfectly cooked compost without having to dig, turn, and mix by hand. Fortunately, Miracle-Gro’s dual-chamber tumbler is here to make composting a breeze! Lock the Chamber and take out the compost When Chamber No. BPA and rust free. My biggest complaint with the Spin Bin is not its 60-gallon capacity … Model # DC210 Store SKU # 1001011027 The Scotts Miracle-Gro dual tumbling composter features two 105 L chambers - fill one side, while the other side cures, making it easy to efficiently convert your kitchen and yard waste into rich soil enhancing compost. Spin Bin. Not only does it hold up under intense sunlight, but it’ll never leach harmful toxins into your valuable compost. The seller less so. The aeration system allows for quick composting. Give your plants the nutrient-dense fertilizer they crave, and watch your garden bloom like never before! While it does have two drums, it is not big enough for professional gardeners. With Miracle-Gro’s large dual chamber, heavy-duty rotating tumbling composter you get 2 compartments for faster and more efficient composting all year round. The only way I can come up with is to empty the contents on the ground, shovel it one shovel full at a time into another pile. Expect to spend from 20 to 30 minutes to put all the parts together! Not so with this composter, however, which actually makes it quite a lot of fun. Previous page of related Sponsored Products. Fully Rotating 5-10Xs after each deposit, or every 2-3 days. Miracle-Gro Miracle Gro Dual Chamber Compost Tumbler - Outdoor Bin with Easy-Turn System 2 Sliding Doors Sturdy Steel Frame - All Season Composter BPA-Free + FREE Scotts Gardening Gloves (2 X 18.5gal/70L). Instruction are not included. The distance between the ground & the unit only allows about 1 shovel full at a time. The device is made up of heavy duty materials, meaning it can be left outside regardless of the season and used all year long. Amazingly quick. Typical composters are clunky and cumbersome, but Miracle-Gro's Small Dual Chamber Composter is just the right size for tight spaces. 0.0. Got a few reviews mentioning this is a bit small, but after using it for 1 month, I have not filled up half of one of the bin. Altho the 2 chambers are big, I don't think you can fill them to capacity as the drums should be turned & even 1/4 full. And with internal mixing bars that speed up the decomposition process, you can expect rich, fertile compost in just 4-6 weeks! I had this in my garden the day after I placed the order on Amazon. Not a bad smell, but I primed it with some dirt and compost. The unit is mostly plastic so I don't know how long it would last w/heavy loads. The result is that households produce much less waste that ends up in landfill sites.

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